Israeli forces target Jerusalem's Silwan for demolitions

HEADLINEIsraeli forces demolish a structure used for horses for a second time this year, as well as two homes that were already being demolished by their Palestinian owners.

Reparations and the Nakba

‘We will defeat BDS with e-commerce’

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Colonial misogynists

The Israeli military appoints a settler as chief rabbi who once said soldiers can rape ‘enemy’ women and relieves a decorated war criminal of prison time for rape. 

07,Dec 2016
Occupation captured

Photos of Palestinian life and Israeli occupation in the West Bank city of Hebron.

07,Dec 2016
Israel extends non-Muslim visitation hours at al-Aqsa Mosque compound

Unmoved by local and international concerns about Muslim access to al-Aqsa, Israel extends non-Muslim visiting hours. 

05,Dec 2016
November: Israeli forces shoot, kill four Palestinians

Israeli forces have killed 99 Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza in 2016. 

05,Dec 2016
Israel steals more Palestinian land to resettle illegal settlers

Israel to spend $13 million to relocate Amona outpost onto neighboring plots of 'abandoned' Palestinian land in the West Bank.

04,Dec 2016
Zionism = racism

Israeli racism is an explosive mix of settler colonialism and Jewish law that is dangerous for the Palestinians, the Israeli population, the region and world Jewry.

01,Dec 2016
Aid Watch Palestine raises awareness of failed reconstruction efforts in Gaza

Aid Watch Palestine holds parallel exhibitions in the West Bank and Gaza to advocate for a just reconstruction process in the besieged coastal enclave and assert Palestinian unity.

30,Nov 2016


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