Saturday, 26 July 2014
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Five Palestinians killed in West Bank clashes

Five Palestinians were killed Friday and dozens wounded in protests throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem in solidarity with the Gaza Strip. These killings follow Thursday night's solidarity demonstrations and deadly clashes, the largest in the West Bank for several years.

VIDEO: Message from Gaza - stop the killing!

This video is a short message from Bloggers For Palestine - Gaza to the world. It describes the...

ACT! Sign statement in support of Jews against genocide

We, the undersigned, endorse the principles of  "Jews Against Genocide" (below) and support its...

Israel: “Brazil is a diplomatic dwarf”

Brazil on Thursday recalled its ambassador to Israel for consultations in protest over the IDF's ope...

Gaza solidarity protests, clashes continue in Jerusalem

Palestinians in East Jerusalem again clashed with Israeli police forces on Wednesday night, as the p...
Please join us at the AICafe on Tuesday 22 July from 7.30 p.m. for a movie screening about Gaza - To Shoot an Elephant.
We, the undersigned, endorse the principles of "Jews Against Genocide" (below) and support its actions. We urge you to join us in condemning Israel's...


Massive demonstrations in solidarity with Gaza...

Some 10,000 Palestinians marched from Ramallah towards Qalandia checkpoint in northern East Jerusalem to protest the Israeli offensive against Gaza. T...


Massive demonstrations in solidarity with Gaza


Hebron: a hostage city...

Since June 12, when three Israeli teenage settlers went missing north of Hebron, Israeli authorities have placed and kept the Hebron district under cl...


Hebron: a hostage city


Leaders: don't kill the Palestinian martyrs twice!...

The entire world is concerned with the bloody plight of Gaza's children, as if this tragic reality comes as a surprise!?! World leaders are now expres...


Leaders: don't kill the Palestinian martyrs twice!


Israeli Society

Economy of the Occupation

Human Rights



Activist profile: battling for identity

Created on 01 December 2011

Khulood Badawi is a Palestinian activist who was born and raised in Nazareth's Safafra neighborhood, which she describes as "one big refugee camp." Like most of Safafra's residents, Badawi's family are refugees from Saffuriya, a nearby Palestinian village that was bombed by Israeli forces in 1948. 



Palestinian citizens of Israel protest Land Day (photo: flickr/leslie feinberg)

In this short video, Badawi discusses her activism, which Israeli authorities responded to by expelling her from university. She also describes her struggle to find her place inside of Israel. "I'm part of the Israeli society," she reflects, "I'm part of this country. But it's a country that conquered me and is responsible for my nakba." (Arabic for catastrophe, the nakba refers to the expulsion of 700,000-800,000 Palestinians in 1947-1948).


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