Thursday, 21 August 2014
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Security coordination allowed expulsion of PLC member Jarrar

PLC member Khalida Jarrar is in meetings today to evaluate political possibilities following Israel's order deporting her to Jericho. Prisoner rights group Addameer: By allowing Israeli troops into Ramallah, 'security coordination' with Israel has allowed for expulsion of Jarrar.

PACBI: growing number of BDS activists following Gaza attack

PACBI salutes all people of conscience who have recently adopted BDS.  Accelerate the boycott!...

ACT! Demand opening of Rafah crossing

End Egypt's complicity in Israel's genocide! Demand that Egypt open the Rafah crossing with Gaza, pe...

ACT! Join ISM in West Bank now, for October olive harvest

ISM is calling for volunteers to join us in the West Bank now, and for the olive harvest beginning i...

Australian activists lock down Israeli arms factory

Australian activists locked down Elbit Systems in the suburb of Port Melbourne on Friday and occupie...
Please join us at the AICafe on Saturday 23 August from 8.00 a.m. for solidarity work in the Jordan Valley.
End Egypt's complicity in Israel's genocide! Demand that Egypt open the Rafah crossing with Gaza, permanently and unconditionally!


Israel continues attacks on Jerusalem, West Bank...

15 Palestinians were injured this morning in Israeli raids on Jerusalem's al-Aqsa mosque compound. Palestinians were further arrested early this morni...


Israel continues attacks on Jerusalem, West Bank


Hebron: a hostage city...

Since June 12, when three Israeli teenage settlers went missing north of Hebron, Israeli authorities have placed and kept the Hebron district under cl...


Hebron: a hostage city


Gaza will rise from its ashes: Will Israel recover sanity? ...

The Israeli national consensus behind the massacre in Gaza is the result of a fifteen year old process of deterioration of Israeli society, both polit...


Gaza will rise from its ashes: Will Israel recover sanity?


Israeli Society

Economy of the Occupation

Human Rights



Activist profile: battling for identity

Created on 01 December 2011

Khulood Badawi is a Palestinian activist who was born and raised in Nazareth's Safafra neighborhood, which she describes as "one big refugee camp." Like most of Safafra's residents, Badawi's family are refugees from Saffuriya, a nearby Palestinian village that was bombed by Israeli forces in 1948. 



Palestinian citizens of Israel protest Land Day (photo: flickr/leslie feinberg)

In this short video, Badawi discusses her activism, which Israeli authorities responded to by expelling her from university. She also describes her struggle to find her place inside of Israel. "I'm part of the Israeli society," she reflects, "I'm part of this country. But it's a country that conquered me and is responsible for my nakba." (Arabic for catastrophe, the nakba refers to the expulsion of 700,000-800,000 Palestinians in 1947-1948).


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