Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemns accelerated Israeli colonization of Jerusalem

HEADLINEThe Jerusalem municipality approved the construction of 560 new settlement units in East Jerusalem.

Al-Quds: ‘the key to peace, the key to war’

Palestinians protest policies of occupation in front of Knesset

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Occupation captured

Photos of Palestinian life and Israeli occupation in the West Bank city of Hebron.

23,Jan 2017
Palestinian popular struggle confronts spike in Israeli house demolitions

Palestinians protest Israeli house demolitions; the High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel says more are to come.

20,Jan 2017
Gaza demands an end to electricity crisis

Tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza demonstrate against the electricity shortage in the besieged coastal enclave. 

18,Jan 2017
Sweeping house demolitions: ‘a declaration of war against the Arab community’

Palestinians protest the demolition of eleven homes in Qalasuwa by taking to the streets and launching a general strike.

12,Jan 2017
Masked settlers attack activists in South Hebron Hills

Settlers from Havat Ma’on outpost near At-Tuwani assault and throw rocks at activists monitoring Israeli violence in the occupied West Bank. 

12,Jan 2017
Israeli soldiers execute Palestinian at home

Israeli soldiers fatally shot 32 year old Mohammad al-Salihi during a violent raid of al-Fara’a refugee camp.

11,Jan 2017
‘The weapons and excessive use of force don't scare us’

Israeli forces fire tear gas, sound grenades, and rubber-coated bullets against dozens of civilians protesting the injustices of occupation in the West Bank.

09,Jan 2017


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