Monday, 28 July 2014
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Israeli academia joins war on Gaza

Academic institutions in Israel have enthusiastically and voluntarily joined Israel's campaign of massacres and destruction in the Gaza Strip. From disciplining students and staff who express "offensive" opinions, establishing hasbara teams and offering tuition assistance to soldiers: Israel's.....

Hebron Left condemns PA suppression of West Bank protests

The leftist forces* in the Palestinian city of Hebron hereby express their strong disapproval of the...

ACT! David Cameron: end collective punishment of Gaza!

We, the undersigned, call on Prime Minister David Cameron urgently to use all available diplomatic m...

VIDEO: Message from Gaza - stop the killing!

This video is a short message from Bloggers For Palestine - Gaza to the world. It describes the...

ACT! Sign statement in support of Jews against genocide

We, the undersigned, endorse the principles of  "Jews Against Genocide" (below) and support its...
Please join us at the AICafe on Tuesday 22 July from 7.30 p.m. for a movie screening about Gaza - To Shoot an Elephant.
We, the undersigned, call on Prime Minister David Cameron urgently to use all available diplomatic means to end the collective punishment of the people of...


Massive demonstrations in solidarity with Gaza...

Some 10,000 Palestinians marched from Ramallah towards Qalandia checkpoint in northern East Jerusalem to protest the Israeli offensive against Gaza. T...


Massive demonstrations in solidarity with Gaza


Hebron: a hostage city...

Since June 12, when three Israeli teenage settlers went missing north of Hebron, Israeli authorities have placed and kept the Hebron district under cl...


Hebron: a hostage city


Renewed slaughter in Gaza ghetto ...

Another round of fighting, another massacre larger than its predecessor, another genocidal war and another failure. This is the future that the state...


Renewed slaughter in Gaza ghetto


Israeli Society

Economy of the Occupation

Human Rights



Jerusalem: no need to translate document to Arabic

Created on 12 November 2012

Jerusalem’s District Court will rule in the coming days whether the Jerusalem Municipality is obliged to translate into Arabic the planning documents concerning construction of a national park on land confiscated from the East Jerusalem villages of Issawiya and Mount of Olives.



Issawiya land slated for construction of an Israeli national park (Photo: Sergio Yahni, AIC) 


At a hearing conducted at the District Court on Monday, legal representatives for the municipality were dismissive of a demand by the 50,000 East Jerusalem residents of Issawiya and Mount of Olives that plans which directly impact their villages and land be translated into Arabic. “This is how we always do things,” stated the Jerusalem representative, who added that translating the documents into Arabic is a costly and time-consuming procedure. Incredibly, the Jerusalem representatives added that since Issawiya and the Mount of Olives have commenced joint Palestinian-Israeli demonstrations against the national park, that the villages should manage a translation with their supporters.


“This is our land being confiscated,” said Mohammad Abu Humus of the Issawiya Follow-Up Committee, “and now Israel prevents us from understanding what will be done to us.”


Both Hebrew and Arabic are official languages of Israel and Israeli courts have upheld the state’s obligation to publish all directives, official ads and forms in Arabic, particularly in cities in which a substantial part of the population is Palestinian. The fundamental legal principle of equality before the law further necessitates equal access to information by all residents of Jerusalem, what to mention information that involves the confiscation of property from residents.

The Israeli government ordered the confiscation of 732 dunams of land from Issawiya and the Mount of Olives for construction of a “national park surrounding the walls of Jerusalem”. Issawiya residents, from whom 50% of their lands have been confiscated since 1967 for construction of the French Hill settlement, say this additional confiscation will leave them no room for natural growth.


Israel’s use of national parks to push the Palestinian population out is not a new phenomenon. Already in 1986 residents of the South Hebron Hills village of Susiya  were expelled from the caves in which they lived. In their place the Susiya National Park was established.


However, the national park surrounding the walls of Jerusalem, in the framework of which confiscation of Issawiya lands will be conducted, will impact a much larger population located throughout several East Jerusalem neighbourhoods.