Thursday, 02 October 2014
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Two state solution still on table?

Netanyahu's UN speech is hailed as end of two state solution, and his meeting with Obama focused on issues other than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While lip service to the two state solution is still paid, ending the conflict is no longer a priority. Sergio Yahni explains.

Video testimony: Tariq Abu Khdeir, mother Suha speak

Testimony from Palestinian-American teen Tariq Abu Khdeir, who was severely beaten by Israeli police...

Two Israelis jailed for refusing army service

Israeli teens Uriel Ferera and Udi Segal were sentenced to ten days in military prison for refusing...

ACT! Join AIC field seminar Gaza: What's Next 14-19 October

THREE SPACES LEFT - join the upcoming special edition AIC field seminar entitled Gaza: What's Next?...

ACT! Volunteer with Jordan Valley's besieged communities

The Jordan Valley needs your help. The Jordan Valley Solidarity (JVS) Campaign, a network of Palesti...
Eid Mubarak! Due to the holiday of Eid al Adha, there will be no event at the AICafe on Saturday 4 October.
THREE SPACES LEFT - join the upcoming special edition AIC field seminar entitled Gaza: What's Next? 14-19 October 2014.


Stop Silwan settlements!...

The new settlements in Silwan, as all settlements within the territories occupied by Israel in 1967, are illegal and violate the Fourth Geneva Convent...


Stop Silwan settlements!


PHOTOS: Protest halts Israeli archaeological dig in Hebron...

Activists succeeded in temporarily halting Israel's archeological dig in Hebron's Tel Rumeida. As in other occupied Palestinian territory, such as Eas...


PHOTOS: Protest halts Israeli archaeological dig in Hebron


Live now as we think humans should live...

People ask me about politics and claim it is too complex. I say it is simple and predictable.


Live now as we think humans should live


Israeli Society

Economy of the Occupation

Human Rights



Israel to use water canons, skunk water against asylum seekers, migrant workers

Created on 27 May 2012

As Israeli politicians ratchet up the racist and xenophobic rhetoric against asylum seekers and migrant workers, the police import means of oppression against Palestinians in West Bank for their fight against asylum seekers: water cannons and skunk water.


Skunk water being shot at Palestinian protesters in the West Bank village of Bil'in (Photo: Wikipedia)


Buoyed by a predominantly racist and facile public discussion on asylum seekers and migrant workers, “infiltrators” as they are called nowadays in Israel, Israel’s police is requesting resurrection of a special unit dismantled for financial reasons only one year ago. The Rimon unit initially targeted smuggling and the trafficking in women along the border with Egypt, and was established in 2003 by order of then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.


On 24 May, Israel’s Minister of Internal Security Ahronovitch demanded that the Rimon unit be reconstituted for the fight against asylum seekers and migrant workers.


And unitl the Rimon unit will be ready for action, according to the Hebrew-language online news site, the police will borrow tools of oppression currently against Palestinians in the West Bank for this fight: water cannons and skunk water.


Reputedly first used in 2008 to attack the popular Palestinian protests against the Separation Wall and Israeli settlements in Na’alin, skunk water was developed by Israeli researchers at the Rafael Armament Development Authority in 2004. Although initially described as a non-lethal way to disperse riots, it has been used until now to deny Palestinians and their Israeli and international partners the right to protest Israeli colonisation policies.