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AICafe 8.12: Behind the lens in Gaza

Published on 06 December 2012

Please join us at the AICafe on Saturday 8 December 2012 from 7.30 p.m. for Behind the Lens in Gaza with ActiveStills photographer Anne Paq.


 Ruins of Al Adad family buildings in Gaza city (Photo: Anne Paq)


Anne Paq, a French photographer and human rights specialist, will describe her experiences in the Gaza Strip during Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defence last month. She will show and comment on a selection of photographs that will provide an overview and first-hand account of what happened. Paq will share analysis and discuss the challenges journalists and the media faced in Gaza during this time and in general.


Anne Paq is a French photographer and human rights specialist. She focuses her work on refugees, human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and the impact of Israel’s occupation on Palestinian lives.


Additional information about Paq and her work may be found on:


Please join us for this singular event!

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