AICafe 7 September 2013

Published on 04 September 2013
Written by Alternative Information Center (AIC)

 A sign on the road leading into Firing Zone 918/Photo: Ryan Rodrick BeilerA sign on the road leading into Firing Zone 918/Photo: Ryan Rodrick Beiler

Please join us at the AICafe on Saturday 7 September 2013 from 7.30  p.m. for No to Firing Zone 918! An in-depth discussion about the struggle against South Hebron Hills' Firing Zone 918 with Hafez Hourani. 


On Monday Israel's High Court recommended mediation in the case against Israel's plan to expel over 1,000 Palestinians from their homes in the South Hebron Hills area of the West Bank, which was declared as 'Firing Zone 918' by the Israeli army. 


In 1999 the Israeli army expelled approximately 1,000 Palestinians living in the South Hebron Hills within what the Israeli army defines as Firing Zone 918, a military training zone encompassing a large part of the area. Palestinian residents were allowed to return to their homes following an interim injunction issued by Israel's High court in this matter. In July last year, however, Israel's Defence Ministry told the High Court that it intends to redefine the firing zone borders. This "redefinition" includes the expulsion of all Palestinians living in eight villages of the area, and the demolition of their homes.


Together with the legal action to prevent this gross violation of Palestinian human rights, the South Hebron Hills Popular Committee is leading a struggle to abolish the firing zone and guarantee the residents' rights to continue living on their lands and in their homes.


The struggle against Firing Zone 918 and its disastrous consequences for the Palestinian communities of the South Hebron Hills is one of the most important political and social struggles of the Palestinians today.


Hafez Hourani, coordinator of the South Hebron Hills Popular Committee, will describe the challenges they face and will present the non-violent struggle taken by the local communities, including the international campaign for abolition of Firing Zone 918.


Please join us for this crucial event and learn what YOU CAN DO!!!


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Please join us at the AICafe on Tuesday 23 September from 7.30 p.m. for al Qaws: Sexual & gender diversity in Palestinian society with Haneen Maikey. Al Qaws have been working on sexual and gender diversity in Palestinian society for the...