The antidote to the racist, Zionist right is the unity of the Arab public

COMMENTA leftist movement that does not expose the colonial and racist nature of Israeli government policy is doomed to fail.

Occupation captured

Israeli forces order destruction of 39 homes and school in Khan al-Ahmar

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Israeli forces attack protestors calling for the liberation of downtown Hebron

Israeli forces physically assault demonstrators commemorating the 1994 Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre in Hebron.

20,Feb 2017
Four years of prison for defenders of Palestinian rights?

The threat of legal action against BDS activists in Catalunya is an attempt to normalize an abnormal, unjust colonial conflict.

19,Feb 2017
Drowning out dissent

With support from racist ultranationalists, Miri Regev and Nir Barkat seek to close Barbur, a publicly-funded art gallery. 

16,Feb 2017
Israeli forces besiege Husan village for a third day

All 6,000 Palestinian residents of Husan are suffering from the military closure as well as nightly raids.

15,Feb 2017
Mohammad al-Qiq surpasses 10 days on hunger strike

Israeli authorities sentenced the Palestinian journalist to administrative detention less than a year after he endured 94 days of hunger strike to secure his freedom from Israeli prison.

15,Feb 2017
Occupation captured

Photos of Palestinian life and Israeli occupation in the West Bank city of Hebron.

15,Feb 2017
No wall, no ban, no building on stolen land!

Protests against the racist agendas of Netanyahu and Trump are planned for Wednesday in Washington D.C., Tel Aviv, and across the U.S.

14,Feb 2017


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